Rebecca Caesar Photography: Blog en-us (C) Rebecca Caesar Photography (Rebecca Caesar Photography) Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:43:00 GMT Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:43:00 GMT Rebecca Caesar Photography: Blog 96 120 Vintage Photo: Old Airplane I keep slowly working through my box of negatives. Despite my research, I cannot tell what type of plane is in this photo. For me the photo contains little information, I am sure other people with aircraft knowledge can immediately identify the plane. The signs in the background are basic: "scrap container", "keep this area clear", etc. So, I could not gather any further clues.

If I were to guess, I would say the gentleman in the photo is an investor, banker, or even the owner of the plane.

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National Bird Day Today, January 5, 2017, is known as National Bird Day. How can you not love an entire day dedicated to our fine feathered friends? As a nature lover, I find birds fascinating. Every species seems to have a unique personalities and behavior patterns. During the colder winter months, I sit and watch the birds from the warmth of my home.

When the feeder is low or empty, the little Chickadees are very vocal. Whereas the little Sparrows line up and stare at me from the edge of the roof, both methods get my attention. I am usually adding seeds to the feeder immediately.

After the feeders are full, the Mourning Doves cautiously gather seeds on the ground. When the Blue Jay comes to the feeder, all the other birds fly away. The Blue Jay’s presence always seems larger in life. The site of the deep red Cardinals against the snow covered ground is always breathtaking.

The older I get, the more I love to watch the birds. Yes, I photograph them too. But there are days where I just like to observe. Of course, my observations usually end up in one of my stories. I mean, how can you not imagine little fairies or other small woodland spirits riding on the back of the birds to defend Mother Nature and the rest of the natural realm.

Until next time….peace


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Tips for Researching Your Family Tree Researching your family tree is a fun, exciting hobby that can instantly turn into an addiction. As you begin the search, the photos, stories and historical data become threads. When woven together, you will discover the very fabric of your roots. So, how do you begin? Well, you may not like the answer: you just need to start.

Tips for Researching Your Family Tree

1. Get Organized

Researching requires note taking and gathering data. Setting up a small space to gather your research is one of the best ways of staying organized.

  • File cabinet
  • Folders and binders
  • Plastic holders to keep clippings and photos safe
  • Computer, printer and the Internet
  • Printing paper
  • USB’s or backup discs

Depending on your organization preferences, you may also want to purchase colored pens, markers, and highlighters.

2. Just Start

After you have your basic organization materials, you just need to start. You can begin to build your family tree online or simply start making notes. Start by writing down what you already know about your family. Gather materials already in your possession.

  • Gather photographs
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Birth certificates
  • Family bible
  • Letters
  • Invites, thank you notes, or other saved material
  • Diaries or journals

The smallest piece of information may provide larger search details in the future.

3. Start Asking Questions

Asking questions prior to loved ones passing is crucial for gathering firsthand information. Begin by asking parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles about your family history.

  • Who? Ask who your ancestors are?
  • Where? Ask where did they originate? Where did they live?
  • When? Ask for any dates that may help with your search.
  • How? Ask how your ancestors came to live in a specific area?

Go beyond asking about the facts, ask about the memories. Writing out short stories about your ancestors is a great addition to your family tree.

4. Use the Internet

Using proper documentation techniques, the Internet can be a wonderful resource tool. Some sites are only available with payment. Others are free to browse. Backing up the sources should be part of the search to verify the data is correct.

5. Join Local Genealogical and Historical Societies

Contact your local genealogical and historical society for help. Many organizations will help you without charge. Over time, you may want to join the organization to learn about other researching techniques. Many societies have weekly or monthly meetings. Others go on trips to local cemeteries or other historical sites. One of the greatest aspects about joining a genealogical group is each member understands your quest for knowledge. Often a fellow genealogy buff will know how to research a subject area, helping you further your research.

Genealogy research is both fun and frustrating. However, over time the journey may bring you closer to your family roots.


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How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos Weddings are a special day. A big day for family and friends, generally the day is all about the bride. Pictures are a vital part in preserving your memorable day. As a wedding photographer, I would like to share a few tips with you to get the best pictures.

Be Organized (Well, as Much as Possible)

I know weddings are chaotic, busy and at times simply overwhelming. Being organized helps the day go smooth. If you are still preparing dresses or searching for jewelry to wear, you are wasting valuable time. Trying to finish last details an hour before the wedding causes stress. You want to enjoy every minute of your wedding day.  

  • Lay out all pieces of clothing the night before to ensure you have everything for your big day.
  • Ask your wedding party to do the same. You and your wedding party will be able to do last minute errands prior to the morning of your wedding.
  • Find your jewelry prior to your big day. You may want to get two different sets to ensure you have the right look for your big day.


Generally, everyone loves a wedding. Ask family and friends to help with your big day. Designate micro committees to help with any last minute errands, intervene in any type of problems, or ensure everything is running as planned. Micro committees are just a fancy title. The committee can be made up of one or two responsible people.

  • Decoration committee: Decorating should be done the night before. If this is not an option, ask specific people to help with the decorations. The best way is to devise a plan for your newly formed committee to follow.  
  • Food and drinks committee: This is a priority especially if you are doing all the catering. You do not want your guests to run out of food or drinks.
  • Errand committee: A person or two to check last minute details. Ensuring all members of the wedding party is ready to go and in position.

The Best Photos

For the best photo know what you want. As I photographer, one of my biggest frustrations is checking in with a client without a response. If I email or call you, I would like to know the type of photos you want. I would rather have a client bombard me with photo ideas than tell me, “I don’t know”. I cannot provide you with the best photos of your big day without knowing what you want.

  • Go to Pinterest and make a community board. Invite friends, family members and myself to the board. I can copy the photos to bring to your wedding.
  • Email or call me with photo ideas prior to your wedding day.
  • Copy photos or magazine clippings to show me. I will meet you at a café, coffee shop or even a fast food joint to go over photo ideas.
  • Make lists. I provide a basic list of photo ideas. But if you or your family members want something special, add the photo ideas to the list.   

Preparing and designating allows you more time to relax. With emotions running high, you want a happy day with minimal stress. I always say, do not expect perfection out of chaos.            



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Tips for Senior Photos I am always being asked, “What should I wear for my senior photos?” Well, I am the first one to admit that I am not a fashion expert. So, when someone asks, my response is usually “whatever you want.” I realize the answer is not much help. But, the point I am trying to make is “be yourself, be comfortable”. These are your senior pictures. I look back at my own and laugh. (It was the 80’s). I want to see your personality shine through in the photo session.

Tips for Senior Photo Sessions

With that being said, keep these few tips in mind.

1. School Requirements

Most schools have specific guidelines to follow regarding yearbook photos. The guidelines may require you to use solid colors for clothing choices. In most cases, the photo must be a head and shoulders picture with minimal jewelry or other distracting clothing items. Bring the school’s information with you; I can use the guidelines to take the right photo.

2. More Than One Outfit

From your favorite blue jeans to formal attire, bring more than one outfit. Personally, I like to see someone with a minimum of four different outfits. As you are picking out the different sets of clothes, remember you want to be comfortable in your choice.

The clothing items should be:

  • Clean with no stains
  • Wrinkle
  • Without rips or tears unless the item is your favorite stressed jeans

The smallest flaw can show up remarkably well in your final photos.

If the clothing item is new, make certain you like the way you look. Being uncomfortable in an outfit will show up in the photos. Bring different jewelry items and foot attire to make your outfit complete.  

3. Bring Props

Feel free to bring props. The items show who you are at this point in your life.

  • Favorite books
  • Sports trophies and medals
  • Varsity jacket
  • Musical instrument
  • Movie memorabilia
  • Collections
  • Hobby Related Items
  • Hunting Gear
  • Flowers

Even if you only want one photo taking with the item, bring it. You should be proud of your extracurricular activities and interests.  Just keep in mind, the prop items must be legal and in good taste.

4. Your Beloved Pet

I am an animal lover. So, I have no problems taking your senior photo with your pet.  So feel free to have your photo taking with your dog, cat, ferret, or pet pig. I am willing to travel to your location for larger animals. I have done several photo sessions with horses. I have not done anything with pet tarantulas or snakes. But I am always willing to try something new.

5. Bring Music

Bring your favorite music. I know, the request may sound strange. I always have the radio going during a photo session. I have found music helps relax everyone. You are welcome to change the station or bring in your own type of music to listen. Just remember, I am old, try not to shock me too much.

6. Make Mom Happy

Okay, I know this may not seem like the type of advice you want. But let mom help pick out one of your outfits. You may consider yourself as an adult. I can almost guarantee as your mom (or dad) watches you get your senior photos done, they are picturing the first day of kindergarten. And, do not be embarrassed if your mom cries, I have seen that before too.

Well, I hope these tips help. If you have any other questions regarding your senior photo session at Rebecca Caesar Photography, please contact me.


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Why I Use Pinterest as a Resource? Over the years, I have found inspiration in a variety of ways. When I was younger before the widespread of the Internet, I would actually cut photos from magazines to glue in note books. Yes, I am that old. The note books gave me a chance to expand my photography skills (and lack of skills) at a early age. 

Now the wonderful social networking site of Pinterest acts as my note books. Creating a variety of different photography boards (and boards for my obsession with Harry Potter, Star Wars and a lot more), I am able to "pin" beautiful photos. My clients can view photos for inspiration for their upcoming sessions. 

I have also had clients add me to their photo boards as a group member. By being in the group, I can an idea for the feel of the wedding or other event that I will be photographing. 

So, the next time you are searching for photo inspiration, check out the wonderful site, Pinterest.


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Why So Many Photos? Recently, a fellow photographer asked me, “Why do you give your clients so many photo choices?”

Of course, my quick response was “why not?”

I can take hundreds of photos on any given day. Put me in a wedding or any other social event, I can easily rack up over a thousand photos. I love taking photos. I always have. My grandfather got me hooked at the age of 12 with an old 126 film camera. Yes, I know that dates me.

So if I love taking the photos, why wouldn’t I offer them all to my clients? I mean I do weed out the ones where a person’s eyes are closed or the exposure gives someone the resemblance of an alien. But other than that, I let the client pick.

I can easily present the studio style photo with the rule of thirds practice. But sometimes the rules make the photos boring. I like to capture people being real at an event.

When a bride informs me, “I can’t believe you took this photo, he was whispering I love you for the first time as husband and wife.”

Or when the groom admits his uncle was actually telling him, that the only other beautiful bride he had seen was his own wife.

But I think what I like the most is when others outside of the social event, tells someone how great a photos looks, And, the person in the picture replies, “I didn’t even know she took it.”

I know my photos aren’t perfect. I never said they were. But I like to capture the small moments in grand events. 

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Save The Frogs Day 2016 "What is there to life

if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of a whippoorwill

 or the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night?”

Chief Seattle, 1854

Today, April 30, 2016, is Save the Frogs day. I love listening to the frogs. When I hear the sounds of frogs croaking loudly, I know warmer weather is being ushered in. I look forward to their beautiful sounds after each long winter. The different croaking sounds create a song over the nearby fields, ponds, and river flats that surround my house.

Frogs serve as an important role in our fragile ecosystem. In tadpole form, the growing frogs keep water areas clean from over growing algae. As the little frogs grow into adulthood, they begin eating insects as part of their diet. The consumption of insects is important in keeping the potential spread of diseases down.

For example, mosquitos have been known to transmit diseases to humans. Frogs help in keeping the mosquito population down. Without frogs, mosquitos and other insects would be out of control. An increasing population of insects would create serious pest control problems for humans.

Frogs are also known as an indicator species. When the frogs’ living environment becomes polluted, the results will be easy to view in the frogs’ offspring. The new frogs will be born with abnormalities which provide a warning to humans living in the same area. Protecting the frogs’ natural environment will, in turn, protect humans.

Honestly, I cannot imagine the world without frogs that let me know the Earth is awakening after a winter slumber.

Until next time….peace….

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Borrowed Time While visiting a small retail store, I overheard two ladies chatting relatively loudly about their lives in the aisle. The ladies began with the normal idle conversation, bidding each other hello with all the niceties that go along with idle chatting. The one silver-haired lady couldn’t believe that almost two years had passed since their last encounter.

The other woman who was probably in her early 50’s began to unfold her story. At this point, I didn’t want to look too obvious. So, I slowly moved to the next aisle. I can’t help myself, I love listening to stories. I know eavesdropping is rude. But in my defense, they were not using hush voices and I was legitimately shopping.

The younger woman began to explain, she had to have a lung removed due to cancer. The ordeal came as a surprise. But, “you’ve never smoked,” the older woman said with surprise.

“Smoking is only one cause, who knows why these things happen” she continued to explain. She went on to tell the rest of her story. Apparently, a short time after the lung ordeal, she started experiencing bad headaches. Even though, she had gone through a variety of testing, no evidence of anything was detected. Finally, she demanded further extensive testing. She gave a fancy name for the test but I cannot pronounce the word or even begin to spell it out.

Well, the advanced testing revealed a brain tumor. The test was conducted in the morning, by the after she was admitted to the hospital for surgery. At this point, the lady actually laughed over the situation. She continued to explain, the doctor couldn’t believe she actually drove herself to the consultation.

After the brain surgery, radiation began. The medical experts gave her only six months to live. Once again, the woman just laughed. “Well, that was almost two years.” She giggled like a young child discovering something new. “I am living on borrowed time then again we are all living on borrowed time.”

She furthered explained that all her life she did everything right. She never smoked, rarely drank, paid her bills on time, and continuously saved money. She was invited to go on a trip to Hawaii to visit family members. Even though she had a place to stay upon arrival, her first reaction was no. But then she decided to put the plane ticket on her credit card and just go. At the end of the conversation, she revealed she was happy she made the trip. “There’s nothing more spectacular than sitting on a glorious beach and enjoying a Hawaiian sunset.”

In my opinion, we get so caught up in the “right” way to live that we forget to enjoy life. Media tells us what to buy, what to eat, and how to live our lives in the correct manner. I am not suggesting you become irresponsible and not pay any of your bills. But I do think you should take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Go for a walk, visits friends and family on a regular basis, attend local parades, festivals, and other interesting events. Along the way, take a moment and enjoy a spectacular sunset. Soon, the borrowed time will be over.


Until next time...peace



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The Blanket of Winter Approaches “All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."

- J.R.R. Tolkien

The past week has been cooler which allows me to enjoy every bit of the outdoors. I am not much for hot humid days. I know I should not complain about the heat because winter will be here before I know it. I can already see the signs of the upcoming fall season.

  • Leaves are beginning to turn a fainter green as they prepare for their burst of colors.
  • The summer birds are becoming more scarce as they begin their long migration south to warmer areas. I rarely see Egrets or the Cranes at the old river. I miss the rattle voice of the Sandhill Crane on the river flats.
  • The birds that are still here are gathering in great numbers. I see them flying above the tree tops. They seem to be going back and forth in a harmonic formation as if to gain strength to prepare for their upcoming journey.
  • The days are slowly growing shorter as the frogs and crickets continue to sing their last praises of summer.
  • The squirrels and chipmunks scurry across the dirt paths in the woods where I walk. I see them clutching acorns and walnuts to hoard for the long winter.
  • The nights are cooler which provides a gentle breeze through open windows.

I love this time of year. I know warmer days are still in the forecast. But I am ready for September and October. The two months that seem to be speak to my heart as the blanket of winter approaches. Mother Nature always provides the settle hints that a new season will soon be issued in. Even though today is rainy, I plan to enjoy as much of the outdoors as I possible can during this transition of seasons.

Until next time....peace...

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Dragonflies: Amazing Creatures I love dragonflies. I could watch and photograph these fascinating little insects for hours. I recently sat in the field and just observed their behavior. I was working on some writing; I needed inspiration for flying fairies. The dragonflies always help me with my creative needs. As I watched them hovering, flying backwards and forward, and swooping all around me, I wrote with great wonder. I decided to do a little research on these flying beauties.

Interesting Facts about Dragonflies                                                                                   

 As I glanced through the different fact, I found these to be the most interesting.

  • Incredible Eyes:  The dragonflies’ eyes have around 30,000 individual lenses or ommatidia which give them a rather incredible panoramic view of their surroundings. Each of those lenses provides an image. The brain of the dragonfly will use all of those individual images to make one picture. The eye allows for the entire color spectrum, UV light, and light polarization to be viewed.
  •  Wings: The dragonfly has two sets of wings; each wing can work independently. The extra set allows the dragonfly to slow the movement of the wings down. On an average, the dragon fly will flaps the two sets of wings around 30 beats per second. The independent movement of the wings gives the dragonfly the ability to hover and fly in all directions. The dragonfly also has the ability to change directions instantly which helps if been sought by a predator. And, can reach speeds of up to 36 mph.
  • Food: A dragonfly eats mosquitoes and flies. I couldn’t figure out why I have seen so many dragonflies this year. Well, the wet weather created an overly abundant breeding ground for mosquitoes. The dragonflies have been enjoying a grand feast.
  • Species: Currently there are around 5,000 species of dragonflies. All the dragonflies are part of the order Odanata which roughly translates to “toothed one”. The dragonfly can be found almost anywhere in the world where the environment is habitable. A dragonfly cannot live in the Antarctica; the little insects love a more tropical feel. The hot and humid weather here in mid-Michigan right now must seem like paradise to them.
  • Ancient Creature: The dragonfly has been around for around 250 million years. The largest fossil reports the ancestor relative had a wingspan of around 2 ½ feet. Can you imagine that flying around the back field? Just amazing to consider.

The next time, you view a dragonfly consider how incredible this insect is or picture a fairy and let you imagination run wild. 

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Arbor Day Today, April 24, 2015 is Arbor Day. So, what exactly is Arbor Day? In the simplest terms, Arbor Day is the celebration of trees; the overall importance the trees bring to the environment, planet and our very existence.

History of Arbor Day

Why the name Arbor? In Latin, the name arbor actually means tree which is perfect fit. Arbor Day is celebrated around the world. The dates may vary but the celebration is the same. The very first Arbor Day can actually be traced back to 1805 to a small Spanish village, the Villanueva de la Sierra. In the United States, the first Arbor Day was organized in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Approximately 1 million trees were in planted in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. The early beginnings sparked a worldwide observance for the importance of trees.

Arbor Day Foundation

To help aid in the observing the celebration of trees, the Arbor Day Foundation was created in 1972 by John Rosenow. The foundation helps in the efforts of selling trees and merchandise as a way to promote Arbor Day. The mission of the Arbor Day Foundation is “"to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees".

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance wants to promote the celebration of Arbor Day throughout the year. I agree with this concept, I like the idea of day of observance to bring everyone’s attention to the importance of trees on our daily lives. However, I think the promoting of planting and caring for trees should be done every day.

Personally, I cannot plant trees today. The weather is just not cooperating. Even though I do see the sun finally peeking through the clouds; the weather forecast is looking better for next week. I do plan to plant more trees this spring. I want more fruit trees planted (if funds permit). I am trying to create my own fruit orchard in my yard. I have a good start so far, but I want to add to my collection. By planting fruit trees, I am observing Arbor Day (just a little later in the spring).



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Happy National Bat Appreciation Day Happy National Bat Appreciation Day!

I like bats when they are outside. It’s when they are flying around in my house that I have a problem. But I always safely catch them and release them back outside.

I was surprise to find out that Michigan has nine different bat species. 

The different bats include:

  • Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus)
  • Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus)
  • Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis)
  • The Hoary Bat (Lasiurus cinereus)
  • Tri-Colored Bat (Perimyotis subflavus)
  • Silvered Haired Bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans)
  • Indiana Bat (Myotis solidalis)
  • Evening Bat (Nycticeius humeralis)
  • Northern Long-Eared Bat (Myotis septentrionalis)

     Here in Michigan, the Little Brown Bat or Myotis lucifugus is the most common.  The Little Brown Bat is a relatively small mammal with an olive-brownish to dark yellowish brown colored coat.   In Latin, the word Myotis means mouse ear which is great for these Little Brown Bats since they do look like they have little mouse ears. I have photographed a few in my time. Even though I know they are only insect eating creatures; I am still cautious when approaching them.  I guess I have heard too many urban legends in my time.

     According to the Michigan DNR website, “Little brown bats use echolocation to find and capture prey. They emit pulses of high frequency sound (20-130 kHz) that bounce off nearby objects. The bats then use the echoes to determine the object's distance, size, and shape. They feed primarily on aquatic insects, including mayflies, caddis flies, and stoneflies. They will also feed on other flies, wasps, moths, and beetles to supplement their diet. Typical summer foraging areas include forest edges, along streams and lakes, and sometimes in small cultivated fields. Young little brown bats can eat up to 1.8 grams of insects/night; lactating females can eat up to 3.7 grams of insects/hour due to increased energy demands” (2014).  Of course, I wish they would eat more mosquitoes in my area.


#bats  #wildlife #nature #Michigan

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014 Happy Thanksgiving 2014Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Like many other families, I celebrated Thanksgiving early.  My siblings and their significant others could not gather on the actual holiday due to work and other commitments.  We decided to get together last Saturday at my parents’ house.

Even though, the celebration was not held on Thanksgiving, we still all enjoyed ourselves. Honestly, I think just being together should be the focus of the day.  Life can change quickly; those who gathered around the table this year may not be present next. 

As you sit down to celebrate the holiday today, remember to be thankful for what you do have. People often forget to enjoy the moment.  I am convinced there is always something to be thankful for, life should not always be about getting the bigger paycheck, the newer car, or even publishing your novel. Take a look around the table and be grateful for all that life current has to offer.

I am wishing many blessings to you this Thanksgiving.

May we all realize the most important things for which to give thanks.

So however you decide to spend the day, I hope you are blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rebecca C.


I am still thankful for Thanksgiving; I get to spend the day with my niece and my parents.  We are cooking a small meal.  Then, my niece, mom and I are going to work on Christmas crafts.  I am truly blessed. 


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Your Wedding Day: Memory in the Making Remembering your wedding day through photos will bring many years of joy.  Photos will always give the bride and groom a sense of nostalgia of the happy, joyous day that started their life together.  Unfortunately, these memories can be ruined if the photos do not turn out like you had hope.  Here are some mistakes brides make in planning their wedding photos and tips on how to find the perfect photographer for your day.

1.  Relying on a Family Member or a Friend

Friends and family members can be a great help when planning a wedding.  However, relying on a friend or family to do your wedding pictures can lead to poor quality photographs of your special day.  Unless the bride personally knows a photographer or an advanced amateur hiring a professional is a must in capturing the memorable moments.

2. Shop Around

Many brides do not look around to find a quality photographer. Give yourself some time to shop and compare the different packages and prices each photographer can offer.   However, quality wedding photographers get booked in advanced.  A bride should choose a photographer as soon as the date and place of the wedding has been set.

3.  Meet the Photographer

Many brides choose not to meet the photographer that will be photographing the big day.  A bride needs to meet with the photographer that will be doing the photos. If the bride has a personality conflict with the photographer, arranging photos can turn out to be a stressful task.

4.  Make a List

Many brides do not see the importance of having a formal wedding photo list until after the day is done.  Photographers can offer guidelines in this area.  However, the list should be personalized to the bride’s wishes.  The bride should take her time and consider what type of photos she would like for the wedding.  Formal photos can include various family members as well as the wedding party.

5. Package Deals

Many brides do not take the time to look to see what photos are included in a package deal.  Remember to read the fine print.  Find out what is included in the deal and ask to see samples of the prior weddings.  A bride should also make certain that the reception is part of the package deal.  Other wards, photos such as the first dance together as bride and groom may not be included in the package.  The best way to make certain that all the memorable moments are captures is to make lists and ask questions.




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3 Musts for an Outdoor Wedding Fall outdoor weddings have an almost magical feel with the vibrant colored changing leaves in the back ground.  The colored leave will make a spectacular backdrop for all the memorable photographs that will be taken that day.  With a little extra planning, an outdoor wedding can be all that the bride has dreamed up and more.  Here are three important must haves for an outdoor wedding reception.

1.  The Second Choice

A second choice is needed for the one element that cannot be controlled on your wedding day; the weather. The idea of having your first wedding dance under a starry night is absolutely romantic and a perfect way to start your life with your new groom. There must be a plan set and ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice if the day turns to rain. 

If the day turns to rain have a plan that would require relatives, friends or even paid help to set up a large tent for the reception.  If the venue where your reception is being held has a pavilion or indoor hall, you may want to put that on reserve for the special day as well.

Have your predetermined team, move everything inside for the evening’s events.  By having this backup plan set up as your second choice, you can still concentrate on the day without having to stress about the weather.  With a few extra strands of clear, twinkling lights hung above the dance area, the bride still can have her first dance with her new groom under the stars.

2.  Food Safety

Food safety is extremely important when hosting an outdoor wedding.  If the event is catered, make certain that the caterers are familiar with proper food handling when setting up outdoors.  Prior to booking the caterers, ask questions and feel comfortable with answers.  No one wants to remember a wedding where the food was not properly cooked or handled.  Also check to see what type of power sources will be needed to run the equipment. 

3.  Be a Responsible Host

Ask a person or a couple to be the beverage watcher.  A beverage watcher can help make certain that no underage drinking is taking place which is extremely important at any large event.  But the beverage watcher can make certain that guests at the reception are having enough non-alcoholic choices to drink. Set up beverage stations throughout the venue.  This can be done easily with decorated metal tubs filled with ice.  The tubs can contain water bottles and soda choices.  There can even be ones set up for children that contain juice boxes and juice pouches. 

Planning is important when getting ready for your big day.  Preplanning for the “what-ifs” can help the day go smooth and allow the bride to be as stress free as possible.  So, make lists, asks questions, and rely on friends and family members to help coordinate your day. 

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Pete & Kate Photos Pete & KatePete & KateThe front of the envelope that contained these negatives was labeled Pete and Kate in pencil

The date is Sept. 1942

Los Angeles, California


The front of the envelope that contained these negatives was labeled Pete and Kate in pencil

The date is Sept. 1942

Los Angeles, California


I love this photo, I wish I knew who they are.  


(Rebecca Caesar Photography) California Martinig Martiniz genealogy Tue, 07 Oct 2014 03:41:36 GMT
A Wedding

I have been working on some old slides.  I cam across this wedding.  I love how happy everyone looks and how shy the girl in the pink looks in the back.  Maybe one of these days, I can figure out who these people are and hear their story.  

(Rebecca Caesar Photography) wedding estate finds old pics bride family Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:06:21 GMT
Oh Look Who's Here Oh Look Who's HereOh Look Who's HereI wish I knew where this was photographed.

This is just one of those photos that I just knew everything about the content and people.  Are they mother and daughter?  Sisters?  Where was it taken?  I would assume somewhere like a fair or other carnival-type atmosphere.  

What do all you think?  Any idea where it may have been taken.  Who knows maybe one of these someone will recognize a face in the photo, I will be able to learn their entire story.


Have a great evening everyone!!

(Rebecca Caesar Photography) vintage history moon photography Wed, 03 Sep 2014 21:42:47 GMT