Staying Close to Home

August 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Many people are planning late summer vacations while I am choosing to stay close to home this year.  There are many factors on why I do not plan to take a summer vacation.  I cannot just pinpoint to one reason, there’s just a combination of everything.  I still plan to have fun but in my own unique way.

Financial Reasons

I have just completed grad school and planning to enter into full job search mode which is time consuming.  My extra funds are limited during this time, I am doing well making extra money with photography and writing.  I am on a tight budget right now.  Planning a vacation would just be outside of my budget plan right now.  As I am searching for a full time job, I do not want preplans such as a vacation get in the way of being able to immediately accept a job that I want.

Gas Prices

Let’s face it, for those of us on a budget the gas prices are a reason to stay close to home this summer.  I am the type of person who likes to get in a car and drive to my vacation spot.  With the gas prices being high; I cannot see this taking place right now.

My Yard

I know this reason may seem crazy for not taking a vacation but I want to redo my yard.  Since I had been concentrating so hard on my degree and other commitments, my yard which is large has been lacking attention.  I have drawing up some new landscaping ideas which are inexpensive to carry out.  I want to make my yard more nature friendly with the right types of flowers and plants to attract butterflies and birds.  Yard work is time consuming but the end result is very rewarding. I want to be able to carry out my landscaping ideas before the end of the summer when the cold sets back into Michigan.

Close to Home Activities

There are also many close to home activities that I would like to attend.  Mid-Michigan is full of fairs and festivals.  Most of these events are free for admissions; I can walk around and enjoy the sites while staying within my budget. There are some festivals taking place that I have not attended since I was a teenager.  I think that these activities will be fun to visit once again.  Of course, I have always enjoyed a good parade since I was a little girl.  I am going to try and attend as many local parades as possible.  I also enjoy just being outside and taking photos of wildlife. 


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