Black-crowned Night Heron

August 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Black-crowned Night HeronBlack-crowned Night HeronI photographed this bird at the Maple River.

     As I sit here on my computer, I can hear the sound of thunder in a distance.  Our Monday started out hot and humid but the cold front that has issued in cooler temperatures and rain.  I don’t mind a mild thunderstorm.  Actually, I enjoy listening to rain on my roof.  I just wished the rain didn’t bring out more mosquitoes.  Our area just seems to be a breeding ground for these pesky, little creatures. 

     Over the weekend, I was able to spend a lot of time outdoors (despite those pesky mosquitoes).  For the first time, I was able to photograph a Black-crowned Night Heron.  When I first came across this bird, he was so still.  I would not have known that he was even real if he hadn’t moved slightly. 

     The reason for his stillness was he was hunting for food.  The Black-crowned Night Heron loves to eat little fishes.  The heron was just waiting patiently for the fish to get closer so he could have a meal.  The night herons begin to hunt for food at dusk and will continue to hunt and eat until dawn. 

    I couldn’t get a clear photo of his mate. She stayed back in the bushes in the flats that are inward by the creek or the flatlands.  I think one of the first characteristics that attracted me to this wading bird was the color of his eyes.

    This nocturnal bird is noisy.  When needed will actually make a call that is like a barking “quawk” which can be heard around dusk.  Personally I was just happy to find one out in nature. 


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