A Housekeeper's Journal Part I

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I purchased this little book at a flea market because the outside of the torn cover reads “autographs”.  I thought the contents would contain some sort of old high school autographs wishing the owner well.  However, the book turned out to be a little journal.  So, I am going to slowly transcribe the journal to the best of my ability.  I do plan to write the journal out just as she wrote it.  So, please forgive the grammatical errors. The first entry reads:

Pontiac, Mich. April 2?, 1933

       Wm. Roe moved this 5 acres far April 16, 1933. Moving from his mother’s home on 220 Prospect St-buying this. I Mrs. Mae Parks came out with him as his house keeper wish I was more. Mr. Roe has a very nice 5 room bunglo here.  Bought a living room suit a radio table a horse wagon and harness he made a very good deal making him enough to make a nice comfortable home the rest of his life may god be with him that he may live a few yrs to enjoy it.

The second entry was harder for me to read; her penmanship has loops and many spaces.  I think the pen she was using causing some of the errors as well. There were also many spelling errors which I did correct.  But I left the wording as it was written which has made my autocorrect underline half of the entry. 

Aug. 19, 1933

      Wm Roe still living his 5 acre farm. I am still keeping house for him. About six weeks   ago his ex-wife Josephine came to see him and again 2 weeks ago.   She has written him several letters which he does not answer.  Have sold quite a lot vegetables from the garden which looks so nice. 

     I am so happy here although at times my heart grows sad to thick back over the hard hard years.  Although I feel sometimes he does not care for me as I wish he would but it does not lessen my love for him. I hope some day when I am gone he will think of the love I so much cherished and not give. He is away today and I am putting up pickles.  Much to my aching heart may God give him just a little bit of love for me.

    Elsie and Bob Barnes was down to see us in fact we have so many friends who would love to see us so well and to be as one.   May God give me strength to prove the faith he has in me.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings if does mine at times.

Next Entry:

Well, here it is Sept. 1933.  I am still keeping house for Mr. Wm Roe.  I still love him and am trying to help him peddle vegetables and doing what I can for him.

Listening to a sermon on the radio at this time.

Mr. Roe has promised that I might be buried in their family lot at Andersonville, Mich. May God bless him for his kindness in this respect.

Baked cake and pie today.

I did some researching.  And, Andersonville Cemetery is located 6561 Bridge Lake Road, Clarkston, Michigan.  The photo that is currently online for Wm. Roe shows a broken tombstone.  However, I do not think this is the same person, the date would not be correct.  So, I will have to continue researching.    

Sept. 10, 1933

Cleaning out cellar today and taking care of fruit.  he has a cellar.    Just now he picked nine bushel of pears and has to trees to pick of apples yet.

Expects a load of produce from Broun City.

His ex-wife has been here several times but he pays no attention to her.

She would like very much to have me moved from here but Mr. Roe says not about weeks ago we commenced to going to dances and this Sat eve we went had a good time.

Mrs. Davison our neighbor has been sick for a couple of days but better now. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Johnson of Pontiac and another couple and Will and I had a musk melon dinner Sunday from our garden.  We enjoyed it very much. We are invited to a chicken dinner next Sunday.  \

Oct. 1933

This is a beautiful fall weather had a heavy frost.


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