Your Wedding Day: Memory in the Making

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Remembering your wedding day through photos will bring many years of joy.  Photos will always give the bride and groom a sense of nostalgia of the happy, joyous day that started their life together.  Unfortunately, these memories can be ruined if the photos do not turn out like you had hope.  Here are some mistakes brides make in planning their wedding photos and tips on how to find the perfect photographer for your day.

1.  Relying on a Family Member or a Friend

Friends and family members can be a great help when planning a wedding.  However, relying on a friend or family to do your wedding pictures can lead to poor quality photographs of your special day.  Unless the bride personally knows a photographer or an advanced amateur hiring a professional is a must in capturing the memorable moments.

2. Shop Around

Many brides do not look around to find a quality photographer. Give yourself some time to shop and compare the different packages and prices each photographer can offer.   However, quality wedding photographers get booked in advanced.  A bride should choose a photographer as soon as the date and place of the wedding has been set.

3.  Meet the Photographer

Many brides choose not to meet the photographer that will be photographing the big day.  A bride needs to meet with the photographer that will be doing the photos. If the bride has a personality conflict with the photographer, arranging photos can turn out to be a stressful task.

4.  Make a List

Many brides do not see the importance of having a formal wedding photo list until after the day is done.  Photographers can offer guidelines in this area.  However, the list should be personalized to the bride’s wishes.  The bride should take her time and consider what type of photos she would like for the wedding.  Formal photos can include various family members as well as the wedding party.

5. Package Deals

Many brides do not take the time to look to see what photos are included in a package deal.  Remember to read the fine print.  Find out what is included in the deal and ask to see samples of the prior weddings.  A bride should also make certain that the reception is part of the package deal.  Other wards, photos such as the first dance together as bride and groom may not be included in the package.  The best way to make certain that all the memorable moments are captures is to make lists and ask questions.





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