3 Musts for an Outdoor Wedding

October 11, 2014  •  2 Comments

Fall outdoor weddings have an almost magical feel with the vibrant colored changing leaves in the back ground.  The colored leave will make a spectacular backdrop for all the memorable photographs that will be taken that day.  With a little extra planning, an outdoor wedding can be all that the bride has dreamed up and more.  Here are three important must haves for an outdoor wedding reception.

1.  The Second Choice

A second choice is needed for the one element that cannot be controlled on your wedding day; the weather. The idea of having your first wedding dance under a starry night is absolutely romantic and a perfect way to start your life with your new groom. There must be a plan set and ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice if the day turns to rain. 

If the day turns to rain have a plan that would require relatives, friends or even paid help to set up a large tent for the reception.  If the venue where your reception is being held has a pavilion or indoor hall, you may want to put that on reserve for the special day as well.

Have your predetermined team, move everything inside for the evening’s events.  By having this backup plan set up as your second choice, you can still concentrate on the day without having to stress about the weather.  With a few extra strands of clear, twinkling lights hung above the dance area, the bride still can have her first dance with her new groom under the stars.

2.  Food Safety

Food safety is extremely important when hosting an outdoor wedding.  If the event is catered, make certain that the caterers are familiar with proper food handling when setting up outdoors.  Prior to booking the caterers, ask questions and feel comfortable with answers.  No one wants to remember a wedding where the food was not properly cooked or handled.  Also check to see what type of power sources will be needed to run the equipment. 

3.  Be a Responsible Host

Ask a person or a couple to be the beverage watcher.  A beverage watcher can help make certain that no underage drinking is taking place which is extremely important at any large event.  But the beverage watcher can make certain that guests at the reception are having enough non-alcoholic choices to drink. Set up beverage stations throughout the venue.  This can be done easily with decorated metal tubs filled with ice.  The tubs can contain water bottles and soda choices.  There can even be ones set up for children that contain juice boxes and juice pouches. 

Planning is important when getting ready for your big day.  Preplanning for the “what-ifs” can help the day go smooth and allow the bride to be as stress free as possible.  So, make lists, asks questions, and rely on friends and family members to help coordinate your day. 


Great ideas. I chose an indoor wedding to be safe, but I'll always wonder what my dream beach wedding would have been like. :)
Excellent advice!
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