The Haynes Family

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The photo is of the Haynes family.  The back row is Floyd, Flossie, Lloyd (my grandfather).  Front row: Evelyn, Donna (who is still going strong at 94 years young), Nancy & Adelbert (my great grandparents), Maurice, & Freeda. 

    I have heard many stories over the years of the trials and triumphs of this family, my family.  Donna mentions how she with her brother Maurice use to walk out to the extended family farm which was three or four miles out of town just to play with animals or help milk cows.  Or just have a glass of sugar tea which was a treat.  Freeda once told me the story of how she hurried to take a picture of baby deer in the yard, only to find out later that she left the lens cap on.  My grandfather stories focused around his work with the city or the farm where he grew up.

     However, my great Aunt Flossie told stories of being a surgical nurse which I marvel at anyone who enters this profession.  She was born in 1899 which was the same year that the Aspirin was invented by the German chemist, Felix Hoffman.  As well as the first year that the word “automobile” was used in the New York Times editorial.  Two items that we today would not even look twice at if we read them in the paper.

      Flossie’s path to being a surgical nurse happened with an event that involved my grandfather.  He was playing with blasting caps which resulted in the loss of portions of his fingers on one hand.  Flossie was in the emergency room with my grandfather as the doctor sewed his fingers up.  She was curious as she watched the entire process.  The doctor after he was finished looked at her and asked her if the blood bothered her in anyway.  She of course replied, “No.” and that is when he suggested that she entered nursing which was her entire life work. 

     When I think of Aunt Flossie in the nursing field, I do get visions of the series “Call of the Midwife.”  There is so much modern technology in today’s medical world that I find the tools she used hard to imagine.  But, I know she did well.  Her photo hangs in Clinton Memorial Hospital in St. Johns where she worked. 



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